Apple may launch next iPhone on September 9

Technology fiends have their eyes set on the next Apple product which sources suggest could be launched as soon as September 9.

While a redesign is not expected and the new model may resemble the iPhone 6, many enhancements to the existing features are expected in the upcoming phone which according to some reports may be called the iPhone 6S or iPhone 7.

Here’s a list of some of the expected upgrades in the new iPhone:

Better Camera

After Apple acquired the Israel based camera company LinX, many expect the new technology to reduce noise and help take better pictures. Some rumours also indicate that the new iPhone will now come with an enhanced 12 megapixel camera.

3D effects in photos

It may be possible to add 3d effects to photos taken with the iPhone.

iOS 9

The new iPhone may come with the latest software iOs 9 pre-installed and upgrades will be available for previous software users.


There could be a Pink iPhone this time, according to the Wall Street Journal, who reported that Apple have been testing a pink color for their iPhone.

32 GB storage

Tired of running out of memory? Reports suggest that the new iPhone may come with 32 GB base storage instead of the more common 16GB basic storage it has been providing so far.

Better battery life

The new iPhone could come equipped with a very power efficient processor made by Qualcomm, which means it could have better battery life than its predecessor.

More durable

The new iPhone will likely use the series 7000 aluminum used in the Apple Watch Sport’s casing and is expected to be 60 per cent more durable than the existing iPhone.

The article originally appeared on Business Insider

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